What Will Your Next Big Move Be?

Charlinda      Thursday, May 18, 2017

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You’re ready for a shift in your life or your business. You want to experience something new and exciting. You want to challenge your old ideas and expand your horizons. But you’re stumped on where to start. All of the possibilities might seem a bit overwhelming to you. To find clarity, ask yourself these questions….

1. What’s Calling Out to Me?

You heard about a popular conference that you might enjoy attending. You don’t share the idea with anyone, then a friend mentions her positive experience with the conference. A few days later, you get an email from a mentor who you trust. She also recommends the conference to you.

These small events aren’t just coincidences. They’re signs showing you what step to take. Consider them nudges from the universe and act on them. Start taking small steps like checking plane ticket prices, looking for a hotel, or arranging for child care.

2. What Would I Like to Try?

You’re not seeing any clear signs just yet. You want to take action but you’re just not sure what activity would be a good fit for you. Begin by looking around and asking yourself what new thing would you like to try.

Have you always wanted to take pole dancing lessons? Do you want to explore your artistic side through painting or drawing? Are you interested in learning a new language, volunteering at a local charity, or traveling to another country?

Pay attention to what excites you and makes you want to daydream. Keep a list of places you want to visit, people you’d like to meet, and experiences you’d like to have. Once you have a list, look through it and see what appeals to you the most right now.

3. What Would a BIG Commitment Look Like?

In order to stop dabbling, you have to make a commitment. What that commitment will be depends on what you’re doing. You could spend thousands of dollars trying to learn French or you could go abroad and immerse yourself in the language for a few months.

You could tell yourself you’ll try to write a book and spend hours researching every aspect of the craft or you could commit to writing a novel in 30 days through an event like National Novel Writing Month. You could dabble in painting and drawing or you could sign up for an eight week art retreat in Italy.

Whatever your next move, do it big. Don’t hold back or listen to naysayers who want to crush your dreams and ambitions. Be bold and step into the unknown fearlessly. You’ve got this.



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