Tell Them Why They Need It & How They’ll Use It

Charlinda      Thursday, May 18, 2017

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When it comes to promoting a product, don’t just send an email or two to your list. Instead, create an email funnel. Your funnel doesn’t have to be complex or big. In fact, one that’s too big might be annoying to some of your subscribers.

Instead, make your email funnel simple and tiny. Try to keep it to 4-5 emails that are laser-focused on the same product. If you constantly switch up offers, it’s going to be harder to get your subscribers to buy anything.

But you don’t have to re-invent the wheel for your email list. You can use a funnel template to promote various products. Below is a sample funnel that you might want to follow:

Email #1: Introduce the Product

Your email may be the first time your subscribers have heard about this product or it may be the fiftieth. Since you’re not going to know, treat the first email in your funnel as an introduction. You can share what the product is and a few of the features.

Then go on to mention the product creator. For example, if you’re promoting a course on Facebook Live, you might say, “This course was designed by Joyce, a social media coach who teaches smart solopreneurs how to leverage Facebook to find new clients.”

Email #2: Tell Subscribers Why They Need It

Now with your next email, you’ll want to richly and compellingly tell your subscribers why they’ll want this course. For example, you could say, “Facebook is giving preference to videos rather than text or links now. That means if you want your potential customers to discover you on this platform, you need to be engaging on Facebook Live.”

Email #3: Explain How to Use It

With digital products, it can be difficult for subscribers to understand how their purchase will impact their business. So you want to explain to your list how they can use the item you’re promoting. For example, you might say, “My friend was looking to get started online as a freelance writer. She bought Joyce’s course on Facebook Live. Just a week after implementing it, she’s booked solid and gave her boss her two weeks’ notice this morning.”

Email #4: Remind Subscribers about It

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably left an email in your inbox and forgotten to follow up. Maybe you meant to finalize plans with a friend or you wanted to check out that new membership site that just launched.

It’s easy to forget these little details. That’s why you want to follow up with a reminder to your subscribers. For example you could say, “Joyce’s course on Facebook Live is only available for a couple more days. This is the guide you need if you want to stand out on Facebook’s crowded platform. Buy it now before it’s gone.”

This sample funnel will work best when the emails are spread out over a few days. Don’t try to promote everything at once—be intentional about the emails you send your list.


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