How to Keep Your Focus Forward

Charlinda      Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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As you release your old story and write a new one, you may not be sure what to do next. You know who you don’t want to be or what you don’t want to do. It can be hard to figure out what comes now. If that describes you, try asking yourself these questions…

What New Hobbies Interest Me?

You might want to try all sorts of new things now that you’re in a different place. You may decide that now’s the perfect time to learn to paint or you may discover that you want to sign up for cooking classes.

There’s no right or wrong hobby to pursue. If you find one that interests you, go for it and try it out for a few weeks. You may discover your next favorite thing or you may learn more about what you don’t want to do again.

Who Do I Want to Meet?

As you try new things, you’ll most likely meet new people. This can be exciting because you never know what will unfold in these new relationships. Perhaps you’ll meet your future best friend or get introduced to your future spouse.

Stay open to the people around you. Another member of your glass blowing group might invite you out for coffee and a chat. A participant in your cooking class might ask you to meet up so you can exchange a few dessert recipes. Don’t be afraid to make a connection…you never know where it might lead you!

What Adventures Do I Want to Try?

Sometimes, letting go of an old story can help you abandon old beliefs. For example if you came out of a very conservative church, you may feel like you’re finally free to get that tattoo you’ve always wanted. If you left an abusive spouse, you can take that cruise you’ve dreamed of and freely mingle with the other vacationers.

Think of an adventure you’ve wanted to have and look for ways to make it happen. Don’t be surprised if doors start opening when you do this. Many people have opportunities unfold the moment they’re willing to ask for them.

Who Do I Want in My Corner?

Having a support system to bounce things off can be very powerful at this stage. Spend time with people that don’t know all of your old stories. Write new chapters with the people who are present in your life and accept you for who you are.

Lean into future possibilities with excitement! If you've never considered working with a life coach, this could be a great time to spend time with someone that can love on you and support you.

Remember to give yourself grace as you start writing new stories. You may not believe it right now but there will come a day when you’ll say, “I totally forgot that old story. I can’t remember the last time I thought that way.” In that moment, you’ll realize that story has no power over you anymore.


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