Design Your Business around Your Life

Charlinda      Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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It’s tempting when you’re a service provider to live your life around your business. You take client calls early in the morning, even though you know you’re not at your creative peak in the mornings. A client emails you late on Friday and you work over the weekend to complete her project.

While you may think you’re being accommodating, doing these things can actually make your business harder to run. Taking those morning calls or completing that weekend project can make you resentful of your clients and unhappy with the quality of your work.

When Will You Work?

Instead of designing your life around your business, what if you did the opposite? What if you looked at everything you love about your life and looked for ways to do business around your favorite moments?

Setting firm business hours can help you create better boundaries between your life and your work. But don’t think you have to go for a full forty hour week. If your goal is to build a part-time business, then you may only want to work 10-20 hours a week.

Is Your Current Schedule Working for You?

Pay attention to what schedule is working for you right now. You might have a toddler in the house so you can only work at night when your spouse is home. You might be caring for an ailing parent and only able to work ten hours a week.

Keep in mind your business hours don’t have to be traditional. If you feel like you do your best work from 10pm to 4am, then absolutely make those your business hours. If you’d rather work four days a week and have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off, then do that.

Who Gets Your Best?

Now that you’ve determined what time of day or night you’re at your best creatively, it’s time to set aside time for your projects. If you’re an early riser, then give yourself the first hour of the day to tackle your own tasks. If you’re a night owl that doesn’t get started until ten o’clock, then make the time between ten and eleven devoted to your project.

Remember that you can divide up your week differently depending on what works for you. For example, if your toddler is in day care on Wednesdays and you want that day to be reserved for your projects only, that’s fine too.

There’s no wrong or right way to design your business around your life. In fact, as you go through different seasons, you may find you have to tweak your business hours. That’s normal and it isn’t a big deal. You’re simply tuning into your natural rhythm.


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