Champagne Hangouts | Creating You

Charlinda Nieuwoudt      Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Leo Buscaglia once said:  "I don't have an existential problem.  If I can touch you, I exist."  His tongue-in-cheek anecdotes about his mom and what he learnt from her about life, love and living continue to weave through my being.

I've always been curious about what creating me - beyond just being alive - would be like... What do you know is possible about you that you haven't yet acknowledged?  If you were you, truly expressing you, who would you be, what would you be, how would you be?

Join Anna and I as we explore, change, choose and toast possibilities of .... Creating You


I am so happy you are here!

When I started my business, one of the targets was to create value.  The Playground contributes to that target.  

May you enjoy exploring, learning and playing within these pages...