Are You Using Hashtags on the Right Platforms

Charlinda      Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Did you know that Hashtags serve a different purpose on different platforms? They may be considered a social media staple but you may discover that hashtags are not only meant to gain more likes for your posts...



Yes, that is right, hashtags do work on Facebook. However there is only one thing to note, only public posts can populate under hashtag hubs. As a user, one should know that Facebook algorithms view posts with hashtags as content that were shared or scheduled using a third party site i.e. Hootsuite or Buffer and they do not like it. Facebook wants users to use the built-in platform as much as possible, so, in case you use a hashtag know that your reach may be decreased as opposed to when not using them.


Unlike Twitter, Facebook does not have a character limit, which means you can be as wordy and descriptive as you would like with your hashtags.


Twitter hashtags are clickable, searchable and you can also use them in your biography to show up under search results. The search results will only show public account tweets as Facebook does and will rank them depending on their popularity.

Also, Twitter has a limited number of characters that one is not supposed to exceed, 140 words per tweet, therefore you have to consider how you use your hashtags. Becareful as too many hashtags on a tweet can make one look desperate and spammy.




Hashtags on Instagram are also clickable and searchable, hust like Twitter. They are used to group together similar content or tie together recurring events. Anytime one uses the hashtag feature, a surge of engagement on older posts normally happens which will consequently extend the life of the past instagrams. Also, public accounts on Instagram appear under hashtag hubs while private accounts do not therefore if your account is set to private you lose access to this feature.

Additionally, on Instagram, you can have a lot more hashtags, even up to 30 in a post, since the character limit is 2200! However, as with Twitter, using too many hashtags in your post may come off as spammy or desperate. Just remember to use your hashtags wisely!

It's easy to not know that there could be so many factors to consider when it comes to using hashtags across different social platforms. The truth is, each platform is unique! When used well, hashtags can be very powerful tools to gaining new followers to your posts, raise brand awareness, and connect current interactions and so much more!



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