3 Things to consider when remodeling your Business

Charlinda      Saturday, September 5, 2015

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Taking on remodeling projects for your home is one issue, but if you have ever thought about remodeling your business then chances are that you may have become very intimidated at the thought of it.

If you already have an established clientele base then you definitely want to make sure that they are not scared off by the changes that are made, but more important, you'll want to consider if the remodel project is truly worth it.

Here are 3 things to consider if you currently own a business and are thinking of remodeling it:

What Type of Changes Need to be Made? 

Are what you offering meeting the requirements of the people asking for your product or service? Do you have a recurring income exceeds your income needs? Are you clear on who your customer is? Do you need to diversify your streams of income? Does your business have an online as well as offline engagement and marketing strategy? What needs to change? Your Finance Model? Marketing Strategy? Brand? Location? Business Automation? Communication Strategy? What do you need to remove, improve or eliminate to incorporate the changes you require in your business?  Here is a fun video by Dave Crenshaw that contains value information on developing a marketing strategy.

Will your Customers value the change? 

Most successful businesses know that success depends not only on having paying customers, but also involving customers in the creation and delivery of their paid-for services and products.

Once you are aware of the changes you require in your business, you have choice. You can research and implement the changes yourself, procure the services of a specialist and you can meet your customers in the moment and ask them what they would like. Involving your customers might not be practical in all of the areas mentioned above, but what changes if advocated by your paying clientele, could add more money to your bottomline?

Is It Worth It? 

What if the measurement of worth in business is the contribution the change and your business is to your money flows, your lifestyle, your targets, customers and your future? Having a business is a co-creation between you and it towards your future. Are you clear on what you are looking to create as your future? If not, consider taking a moment and writing a list of 100 things you would like to be, do and have. Yes, 100 things. It's trickier than what you think.

Once you have completed the list, look at what is required from your business to physically actualise your list. Are the changes you are looking to implement into the business going to contribute to you having your desires life and living? Then by all means, implement it.

Extra help!

The Practice of Adaptive Leadership is an amazing book with insightful tools which can help you change not only yourself and your business but maybe even the world around you!


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